A Tasty Tale

In 1951, when a serious injury prevented her husband, Robert DeFazio, Sr., from returning to work in the coal mines, Angie DeFazio opened their pizzeria. Together they built a family restaurant which has served several generations. 

Today the business is run by their son, Robert, Jr. (Bob), and his wife, Marion, and remains one of the oldest family businesses in the Mid Valley area. Customers who come back to visit after having been away are delighted to discover that Angie’s looks just the way they remember it. The pizza is still baked according to the original recipe in the same brick oven that was used by Angie and Robert, Sr. 

Angie’s features fresh dough made daily and offers a wide variety of toppings. A special blend of cheese gives the pizza its unique taste. Each pie is custom made and takes a little more time, because, as Bob says, “I will not serve a pizza before its time!” 

If you’d like a taste of classic pizza from a family business, the way it used to be, then come to Angie’s. Your taste buds will thank you. 

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